Inaugural Namib Ultra Marathon finishes

120 kilometres from Namibia’s highest peak Brandberg to its desolate Skeleton Coast crossing some of Namibia most dramatic and unforgiving landscapes.


The first Namibia Desert Marathon finished with a winning time of 17 hours and 15 minutes set by Tom Maguire- an incredible time and a course record to beat.  

‘It’s one of the world’s most incredible places and these guys have achieved something incredible merely completing the race let along in the times that they managed’

Route Manager and veteran adventure racer Steve Clark of

The Plymouth Herald’d Editor and Picture Editor joined us on the race and have done a blog here


First section 21km:

The race starts on the gravel plains of Brandberg and head in a westerly direction towards the first medical and water stop at 21km at the origin of Messum River. The terrain during most of this section is undulating and firm underfoot, but with road corrugations from time to time.

Second section 21km:

The route continues along in a westerly direction to the second checkpoint and 42km finish line at the entrance to Messum gorge.  The terrain will remain flat and firm underfoot initially.  As we enter the gorge, we will be following 4×4 tracks which will be firm under foot, though uneven under foot in places.

Third Section: 20km:

The third check-point finds us at the exit of the Messum crater.  We will continue running in a westerly direction towards the coast on gravel plains following 4×4 tracks.

Fourth Section: 20.1km:

Leaving Messum crater behind, we run along the gravel plains towards the coast. The gravel plains make way for the odd low rocky ridges that break the monotony of flat running, with small sandy spots where dry water courses are crossed.  We reach our fourth checkpoint at the start of the lichen fields.

Fifth Section: 20km:

The route is now heading downwards in a south-westerly direction to the fifth medical and water stop which is again after 20kms. This part crosses lichen fields and mostly flat terrain with soft but gravelly parts here and there.

Sixth Section: 19km:

The final section follows cuts across the gravel plains, then follows along the C34 for a couple of km’s.  From the road, we head again west across the plains to the finish line on the beach at Mile 72 campsite. 

Find out more about Adventure Racing in Namibia here.


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