Testimonials from Namibia Ultra

The team are all now safely back home and have fully recovered.  There are still some nice juicy blisters and foot scaring but all in all a wonderful experience was had by all.

The competitors have managed to write down a few thoughts about the event and what it meant to them:

Really excellent experience! Organised well and staff really helpful. The actual race was ran with good medical staff and clearly marked routes. Adrian Crossley, Namibia Ultra Competitor 2009

Loved every second. Superbly organised. A well oiled machine. Fantastic people, fantastic memories. Roll on next year (maybe). Stuart Moore, Namibia Ultra Competitor 2009

Amazing experience. Great organisation. Well done to all your team and thanks for all the support and commitment.  John Peck, Namibia Ultra Competitor 2009

Different experience this year more of an event due to more people – which was great. I’ll be back!  Joakim Jonsson, Namibia Ultra Competitor 2009

Brilliantly organised race. The medics deserve extra special praise for their efforts. I’ve rarely come across such devoted people. Thank you.  Kellie Power, Namibia Ultra Competitor 2009

I wouldn’t change a thing. Having doctors there like Amy, who understand that some people like a bit of pain with their sport was brilliant.  Steve Tidball, Namibia Ultra Competitor 2009

Great. Well run and personable, felt safe and welcome. Liked varied terrain something for every taste. Heat will be the main challenge for a runner. Thanks for a great trip.  Allie O’Donovan, Namibia Marathon Winner 2009

The race and whole experience was amazing. I thought the organisation of every element was just right, in terms of you never felt like you were being told what to do, and you knew behind the scenes it was being run like clockwork. Also loved being with like-minded people, which was refreshing. It was also very human in the way it was run. Letting Steve run again was a great decision and one which I think other organisations wouldn’t have allowed.  Nick Tidball, Namibia Ultra Competitor 2009

Organisation 10/10
Family feel 10/10
People 10/10
Food cor blimey – marvellous
Race 10/10
It just all worked. Just can’t think of a single thing that was not on par. The training weekend, Steve & Amy – all calm and superb at their job. Office support (Jenn) ace! I just want you to know that as well as the race being an experience, the whole event and all the people have been amazing. Rock on.  Darren Roberts, Namibia Ultra Winner 2009

Absolutely fantastic event, yourself and the team all made an event that will be with everyone for the rest of their lives and for the right reasons. The course was challenging yes, but that’s why we do these and if it wasn’t we would all be coming back disappointed. The organisation and logistics of race day was outstanding and this is clear in everyone’s feelings today, for such a challenging race, in a hostile and almost unbearable climate over such a distance.  Jerry Haywood, Namibia Ultra Competitor 2009

I concur with all the positives by the others, great support and organisation before, during and after especially on the course. Great work keep it up. Tom Adams, Namibia Ultra Competitor 2009

I loved 100% everything. Even the DNF was a lesson.  Fran Jones, Namibia Ultra Competitor 2009

Outstanding experience. The whole family atmosphere was brilliant. I definitely will be back. The ground crew always had everything under control. Many thanks.  Stephan Godfrey, Namibia Ultra Competitor 2009

Hello all!
Landed back in lovely England on Friday, just catching up on emails and trying to string out the camaraderie of the event to stave off work blues.
Not much to add to what has already been said by people. Simply an amazing experience!  The hardest part is attempting to convey to others what it was like. I miss being surrounded by the mutual respect and understanding. No justification of the undertaking, no explanation of why you are there, no facade. Just understanding.

I have taken far more away from this experience than I expected to. I must admit I underestimated the severity of the conditions and was complacent in believing that I would finish. It was only ever a question of what time and what position.

The desert quite literally put me on my ass and owned me in a big way, which I am incredibly grateful for. One of the most defining moments of my life; a priceless experience and education.  I could go on, but I don’t need to as I know you all understand in your own ways.  A huge thank you to you all. What a privilege to have been part of such an inspirational and genuine team.

Will I race again next year? No, my running days are definitely over and I will be hanging up my running shoes for good now….


Try and stop me, I’ve never felt so motivated.
Respect and best wishes, Alex Bamford, Namibia Ultra competitor 2009

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