Namib Marathon  


Running Wild in the Namib Desert

All of our Adventure Races are run in difficult environments, pushing you just that little bit further.  They are designed to challenge the most experienced athlete but also to offer habitual marathon competitors an opportunity to see what the sport of adventure racing is all about.Racing through the Namib Desert, you will be faced with the extreme heat of the day, and the relative cold chill of the night. 

You will be self reliant – carrying your food, water and survival equipment.  Water stations will be available at 20km intervals, and medical staff will be positioned along the route for support if necessary, but otherwise it’s you against the other contestants and the elements.

Our race  begins in the shadow of Namibia’s highest mountain, the Brandberg Mountain (Africaans for ‘Burnt Mountain’ – a name which becomes obvious when you see the glowing colours exuding from the rock as the sun sets on it).  From Brandberg, we head in a westerly direction, passing through the ancient Messum crater – now an amphitheatre of desert, this site was once an ancient volcano stretching across 22 kilometres.  Marathon runners will pass the finish line at the entrance to Messum gorge.  Ultra marathon runners will continue on through the full length of the crater, and will exit to continue along gravel plains then on to Namibia’s unique lichen fields until we near the misty skeleton coastline.  

The race will  begin at 9.00am to allow you to take in the most spectacular views of the race during daylight.  The flatter, less spectacular parts of the run will be covered during darkness, to stop you feeling disheartened as you run in to the flat plains, and to ensure you don’t miss out on any of the gems Namibia has to offer. Although temperatures are expected to be high (in the region of 25 – 30oC) there will be a sea breeze to help cool you, and as you near the coast you will benefit from the sea mist which sits along the skeleton coast in the morning.  The early morning start also means you have more time to discover Namibia, and less time hanging around at camp waiting to begin the race. 


We have set up a forum on Facebook for all Namibia marathon and ultra marathon runners to join. The forum is exclusively for competitors, so you will need to join our ‘Adventure Racing’ group first of all, then we can invite you to join the exclusive ‘Namibia marathon / ultra marathon group’.

If you are not already a member of Facebook, go to; register as a member and contact with your details. She will then invite you to join the groups.  We have looked in to setting up a forum on our website but it has unfortunately proved rather complicated, so we decided this would be the best way to get you all talking to each other.

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