Taj Mahal MarathonThe Taj Marathon begins in the beautiful rural countryside surrounding Agra – India’s historical city situated on the banks of the Yamuna River and home to one of the worlds’ most famous buildings – the Taj Mahal.

The route was chosen for its stunning location and the fantastic opportunity to finish at the splendid heritage garden of the Taj Mehtab Bagh (Moon garden) which enjoys spectacular views of the Taj Mahal. 

Starting from the sleepy village of Niyamat Pur, the route follows a good tarmac road through beautiful rural countryside and villages, before joining the main highway to Agra. The highway runs through fertile fields dotted with eucalyptus trees and mango groves, and past small bazaars and hamlets lining the side of the road. With 7 km to go, we turn from the main highway and onto the secondary Fatehabad road, where we run past rickshaws and bullock carts until a picture perfect view of the Taj Mahal unfolds. The final straight takes us into the heritage garden of the Taj Mehtab Bagh (Moon garden) on the banks of the Yamuna River, with direct views of the Taj Mahal.

The extreme element for this marathon is the heat. Temperatures can rise to around 35ºc during the day and there is no shade along the route. Because of the elements and the route, (we have to cross a railway line and you may have to wait for the train to pass!) this will not be a fast marathon.

Click here to view the charities that already support the extreme series, or alternatively contact the charity you wish to support.

The Taj Mahal Marathon is not exclusively a fundraising event, but we would urge you to fundraise for charity if possible.  The event is supported by a number of charities (see our website for charity details), but you can support any registered charity as long as you have their permission to do so.  Running for charity will not only enhance your experience and motivate you during the race, but will give you the satisfaction of knowing that all of your training and  hard work will be helping to make a difference to the cause of your choice.  Most charities will provide lots of support, including fundraising information to help you raise as much as possible for the event.  Once you have registered for the marathon, ATD will contact the charity to let them know you are raising money for them and that you will be paying your own costs.  We will also send them your contact details so they can provide you with fundraising packs.

This is not a marathon for the faint hearted or novice runner, and we recommend that all participants can run a normal road marathon in under 6 hours.

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