Across the Divide

Across the Divide Expeditions

Across The Divide, the UK based expedition company, has just announced that they are introducing a number of new adventure opportunities to their already extensive list of expeditions, challenges and events. These include the extreme dog sled in Norway, adventure races in India, Namibia and Iceland, a multi-activity challenge in Borneo, and a school project in South Africa.

Across The Divide was established in 1996 by Mark and Karen Hannaford, using their many years of experience in organising expeditions and managing large events and has helped to raise, over the past ten years, £27 million ( $53 million ) for charitable causes.

These are just a few of the hundreds of adventures that are available with Across the Divide to destinations as far afield as Peru, and China, or closer to home in the UK. Mark Hannaford, Managing Director of Across The Divide, explains, ” Across the Divide have been running charity and corporate challenges since 1996. We pride ourselves on being the safest around offering the best for our clients. The events are often life changing experiences; you visit amazing parts of the world, learn about different cultures and share the spirit of adventure with like-minded people.”

The company was recently listed as ‘one of the best sites to help happy travellers on their way’, by Damian Noonan of The Times newspaper. He said, “These people lead charity adventure holidays of all kinds, from ‘extreme challenges’such as climbing a 7,000m peak in Chile with Simon Yates of Touching the Void, to a 24-hour walk on the Ridgeway in Oxfordshire. Help a good cause while having a good time.”

Across the Divide organise events for individuals, as well as groups, both in the UK and abroad. They pride themselves on their attention to detail and being the safest around for their clients. They are an expedition company, not a charity holiday company, which makes a vast difference in the standard of service that they provide for their clients. No matter how small an event is, it is treated as a mini-expedition, which ensures that no detail is overlooked. This guarantees the safety, and happiness, of all participants.

Many of the challenges that Across the Divide offers are truly once in a lifetime opportunities. They are also potentially life changing; not only for the participants themselves, but also for the charities or projects that they are helping by undertaking a particular expedition. 

Across the Divide  supports the work of the Expedition and Wilderness Medicine training courses in Keswick which prepares expedition medics to work in remote locations.   Unique medical training courses are also available, specific to particular regions, including Desert, Polar, and Jungle.

For details of all of the current expeditions available, or for further information, please visit the Across the Divide website here. You can also contact them using the following methods:

Telephone:  +44 (0)1460 30456


Fax: +44 (0)1460 30444

Mailing address:
Across the Divide Limited
Jubilee House
Fore Street
Nr Chard
TA20 4PP

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